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  1. £10 taster session – any subsequence sessions pricing outlined in the pricing section on the official fitness butler website. For further pricing info please contact TFB direct
  2. All sessions and all monies are non-refundable, excludes exceptional circumstances.
  3. All sessions must be paid in full and in advance either in cash or bank transfer. Card machine only available if training at the Manor Of Groves Health Club.
  4. All sessions must be used within 90 days from date of purchase. PT sessions expiry dates can be extended for the following reasons only: pregnancy, serious illness, serious injury, redundancy. Any other reasons for the extension of the expiry date can be accepted or rejected at TFB’s discretion.
  5. All client’s must read and complete the Client/Trainer agreement form prior to any training sessions.
  6. All client must be aware that any and all training with TFB is done at their own risk, and TFB can and will not be in any way responsible for any injuries and or health issues that may arise before during or after any training sessions.
  7. Any clients purchasing a Nutrition Plan must be aware that TFB is only ADVISING what you should and should not eat rather than TELLING. Again it is at the client/customers sole risk if they choose to follow any of the meals, snacks or recipes in TFB’s Nutrition Plans. TFB cannot be held responsible for any illness, sickness or health complications caused before, during or after the use of any Diet or Nutrition Plan.
  8. Any and all contact must be made direct with TFB. Please see the official fitness butler website for all contact info.
  9. Session cancellations must be a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of the session. If 24 hour notice is not given, this will incur a full charge of the session, and the client will not be able to redeem this session back or receive a refund. There can be exceptional circumstances that may alter this policy, however this is at the sole discretion of TFB.
  10. If a client is late for a session it will not be extended past the designated completion time. If the trainer is late to the session, additional time will be added to the session or subsequent sessions.
  11. Any and all training with TFB must take place in either your own home or at The Manor Of Groves Health Club. The decision as to where the training takes place is entirely up the client. Although if the trainer deems the home environment unsafe or unfitting for a training area, training inside the Manor Of Groves Health Club may be advised instead.
  12. You DO NOT have to be a member at The Manor Of Groves Health Club in order to undergo PT sessions there with TFB.
  13. TFB is a fully Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, and is fully insured under The Registered Exercise Professionals with a Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Sciences with a specialisation in Weight Loss and Lean Muscle Gain. Proof of all qualification certifications can be displayed at any time.
  14. All clients MUST complete a PAR-Q Form and Client / Trainer Agreement Form prior to any training. The helps identify any health restrictions, as some may require a letter of Medical Clearance or Doctor’s note.
  15. Certain injuries, illnesses, disabilities, etc may require a Doctor’s note prior to training.
  16. Sessions can be booked in by contacting TFB direct and can take place between the times of 6:30am – 10:00pm weekdays and 7:30am – 9pm weekends. (Dependent on availability).
  17. All Personal Training Sessions last for the duration of 1 hour (60 minutes).
  18. If you are more than 25 minutes late for a session, your trainer may choose to cancel the session, in which no refund will be made.
  19. TFB CANNOT prescribe any treatment or diagnose any medical conditions. TBF is NOT a medical professional and you MUST consult your local GP if any medical conditions may arise before during or after training.
  20. If you are unhappy training/progress or have any issue what so ever, please do not hesitate to contact TFB direct. We are always looking to make sure that you are getting the absolute most out of every session, so you feel unsatisfied or have any issues or queries, please let us know.

Why Pick Me?

My name is Jack Butler, aka The Fitness Butler, and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist based in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.

For me, training is all about the individual victories with my clients. It’s these huge accomplishments that in my opinion make this the best job in the world.

Helping people reach their fitness, nutrition and body goals is what I work hard to achieve with my clients, and regardless of what stage you are at, or whatever it is you are looking to achieve, I will help you reach that goal, and then take you further.

I have worked with a variety of different clients and I can assist you with various different targets and fitness goals.