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See how I can help you reach your goals


1-to-1 Training

Support, Motivation and instruction from The Fitness Butler on a 1-to-1 basis to help ensure you push yourself further and that your form is correct.


Group Training

Work together with friends and family with the guidance and instruction from The Fitness Butler suitable for 2-4 people.


Individualised Gym Plans

Get a personalised workout plan so on days you aren't training with The Fitness Butler you still know what routines to follow.


The Fitness Butler Plans

Will this Nutrition Plan Work?

I am a Fully Qualified Nutritionist and I specialise in weight loss and eating for lean muscle gain. I would be happy to help you achieve your own personal fitness goal or dietary goal.

  • Tailored to your body
  • Easy to follow
  • Suitable for all cooking levels
  • Quick to make

Push Further. I'll help you!

Making sure you have that extra push

For me, training is all about the individual victories with my clients. It’s these huge accomplishments that in my opinion make this the best job in the world.

Body Fat Reduction

Learn how to loose weight and not loose any muscle, tone up and look more athletic.

Building Lean Muscle Mass

Add muscle to your physique without putting on huge amounts of fat learn how to look athletic not bulky.

High Intensity Interval Training

Training & circuit training with various challenges & drills to really get the heart pumping.

Injury Rehabilitation

Work to build back with specialised routines and emphasis on increasing muscular,strength, flexibility and joint suppleness

Stamina Focused Training

Learn how to increase your stamina correctly for a race or for increased sports performance.

Core Strengthening

Work on building a strong foundation by directly targeting your core. Building the strength in your core muscles can help increase overall performance.










Plans and Pricing

Detailed information on the main pricing plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Let me answer them for you.

Are you fully qualified and insured?

YES! I can provide proof of my REPs insurance and my Personal Training Level 3 certificate and Nutrition Diploma certificate to ease your mind. I am fully qualified to train people inside and out of a gym.

Do I need a doctors note or similar?

All clients must complete a PAR-Q before commencing any exercise programme. This is a Physical Readiness Questionnaire which will be carried out in your consultation session, it will help to identify any health restrictions. As  such we may require a letter of ‘medical clearance’ from your GP.  Please be aware that your GP may charge you for this.All client information will be kept strictly private and confidential.

Who can you train?

I can train both males and females of any age. Certain injuries or illnesses or disabilities may require a doctors note prior to training just to make sure that there isn’t any underlying issues that may occur if you have a certain condition.

How long will it take to see the effects of training?

The onset of training is approximately 3 weeks. This means that after 4 weeks training the effects of the first week will start to show.

What if I need to cancel a session?

A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required for all appointments, so we can reallocate your session. Notice of less than 24 hours will incur full payment of the session fee. To cancel please either phone or text The Fitness Butler directly.

Should I spend money on a Personal Trainer when I could do it myself?

Of course you can train alone. But we believe that our main purpose is to motivate you and develop a customised training programme with you that corresponds to your requirements, problems and goals. We will mainly be your advisor.  We can detect when your posture is not quite right or when you are putting too much pressure on the wrong muscles.  Also we can recommend running paths or the right exercise.

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